It has only been two months since I was elected your Mayor by our Commission. What an honor it is representing our fantastic city.

One of the highlights was the release of Key3PO, our manatee rescued last August by FWC, Dolphin Research Center, our Police and city staff. Then he was nursed back to health by Miami Seaquarium and delivered home 8 months later. Check out the video by TV88 on the city homepage.

I have visited our state officials in Tallahassee twice. Our new City Administrator, Chris Moonis accompanied me on my second visit to support our efforts to ensure money is in the State’s budget for Key Colony’s water quality projects. Also, we sought support to counter several bills that threatened home rule for our city. Our State Representative Holley Raschein and State Senator Anitere Flores have been instrumental in support of our issues. We also had a chance to talk to every mayor and city manager/administrator in our county.

The transition to a more “City Manager” form of government has been the focus of our Commissioners. Each has briefed Chris and we had our first workshop on administrator and commission coordination. We are all very pleased with how the transition is progressing. Chris brings a lot of municipal knowledge and experience to our city. He, his fiancé Vicky and family are great additions to our KCB family.

I can’t say enough about my fellow Commissioners. Each has been very helpful as I take the reins as Mayor.   Vice Mayor Ron Sutton is working hard on our next stormwater project and it’s all important funding. Jerry Ellis is continuing his great work representing us on county level water quality committees. April Tracy is covering turtle lighting issues with FWC and FKEC, and Jim Pettorini is keeping a firm handle on our financials as your City Secretary/Treasurer as we navigate our expensive sewer plant upgrade.

Your city staff and police are also very busy as they help Chris come onboard, train a new Assistant Building Official, Gerard Roussin and replace Robert Petrick in our police department. Robert has moved on to a new job. The sewer plant upgrades are keeping the building department well employed managing permits and inspections for home renovations and new construction. Our Police are shifting their focus to support our summer vacation guests on land and water.

Our boards and committees have not lost a step since the winter season.   All have projects and issues important to our city that will keep us the fantastic place we love. I can’t say enough about our many volunteers.

We are currently working an important issue concerning Pickleball in KCB.   We have concerned citizens that feel we are adding additional courts without considering the impacts to our residents.   These include noise and parking around 7th and 8th Streets. The Commission has tasked the City Administrator to develop a plan for the future needs and infrastructure requirements for Pickleball in KCB. If you have an opinion on Pickleball in KCB, please look for announcements for meetings on the subject under Recreation Committee Agendas or send your email address to to receive updates on the progress of these discussions.

Finally, our Community Association, Fishing and Boating Club and the Keyettes have generously donated money that we have used to purchase a floor cleaning machine for Marble Hall.   Many groups and organizations enjoy our hall and now we can maintain it at its polished best while reducing cleaning costs. Next month we will host the Key Colony Beach Kids’ Fishing Derby, sponsored by our Police Department and Fishing and Boating Club. Thank you friends.

Your neighbor,
John DeNeale