Since Irma hit, your City Government has been working hard to provide information to meet the ever-changing FEMA and State reimbursement requirements.  The City is also applying for grants and has asked for a State appropriation.   Until we have guarantees for funds, an informed decision cannot be made on whether to repair or replace all or part of City Hall.  The only decisions the Commission has made is to look for funding and to request qualifications (RFQs) from architects/engineers to help in the process.  A public workshop is scheduled for April 23rd at 9:30 am to hear your recommendations and for our staff and Commission to present their recommendations.  The meeting will be webcast for those who can’t attend.

Once funding assurances are received, your City Government will decide on our City Hall, with input from our residents.  I am sure our decision will not place an unnecessary burden on our taxes while providing a building that will serve this City well into the future.  Because of lack of support from our previous State Administration, we are headed into this hurricane season with less than adequate reserves to cleanup and protect the City from another major hurricane.  The City is carrying a million-dollar line of credit to cover this contingency.

The new State Administration is trying to expedite our FEMA funds.  Let me assure you, your City Staff and Commission are working hard to ensure financial stability to recover from a storm while developing financially sound plans to get us back into a City Hall.  I know the process is frustrating, but our City Government wants to ensure, first and foremost, your safety and security for your property, then address funding for City Hall.

Thank you for all your input.  As we have always done, we will come to a consensus that will serve our community well and keep Key Colony Beach the special place it is.

John DeNeale