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City Hall - Frequently Asked Questions

City Hall Repair or Replace FAQ’s

After inspections of the structure by two prior Building Officials (in their capacity as a state certified officials) and in agreement with several engineers, it was determined that it is not safe to inhabit the building. Both former Building Officials determined substantial and extensive damage to the City Hall Complex.

There are several reasons:

  1. Due to the age and construction of the building it is not cost effective to repair then maintain over the long term. The walls supported by 1960’s wood pilings and the old roof structure are major concerns.   Pin pilings are also not considered a long-term solution.
  2. The elevation of the building is below the base flood elevation (BFE) and will be well below the new elevations soon to be released. The new requirements put the building more than 5 feet below BFE.
  3. If repaired, the building would still only be a cat 2 hurricane capable building and too low to be a refuge of last resort (hurricane shelter).
  4. It is the staff’s and consultant’s contentions that the structure is more than 50% damaged and City Hall is a “critical government facility,” requiring a new building to meet Florida Building Codes and FEMA regulations. If we do not build new, we could lose our FEMA discounts for all homeowner NFIP policies (15%) and could be told to demolish what we have repaired.  The City would also be paying the maximum rate for flood insurance on City Hall.

The new design will provide all required functions for our government, post office and community center (Marble Hall) for well into the future and be resilient from hurricane winds and surge. It will provide a safe shelter for our resident’s and Emergency Operations Center (EOC)  for our first responders.  The entire facility will be ADA compliant, cat 5 wind capable and much more cost effective to operate and maintain.  It is a very beautiful design that will greatly enhance our City and should add to our property values.

The Post Office has moved into the temporary trailer.

Yes, the Commission has had two votes, one to replace the building and another to approve the design.  Both were unanimous.  These decisions were based on recommendations from our Building Official, FEMA/Risk Assessment Consultant, Police Chief and Administrative Staff.  More importantly, you, our residents provided excellent recommendations during several public meetings  (specifically on the City Hall Project) and numerous regular commission meetings.  Several key design requests came from you for the community center (Marble Hall), post office and office spaces.  The City is budgeting $8M for the construction of a new City Hall, will evaluate estimates from contractors once bids are received for review. 

The State has approved our building plans and bids were received. The Review Committee met on June 28th and made a recommendation to the City Commission. The City Commission will meet July 20th, 2023, to discuss the recommendation.

Please click on the link below for the City Hall Attribute Summary & Cost Comparison document prepared by Commissioner Harding, which was presented and discussed during the March 16th, 2023, City Commission Meeting.

City Hall Attribute Summary & Cost Comparison

  1. Report on Exemptions for City Hall Building Plans
  • The following information is provided related to the city hall building plans that is intended to be constructed as an emergency management operation, police station, and the administrative building. There are two exemptions for consideration. The first is the public records exemption for building plans, blueprints and related records while the second exemption relates to providing information at a public meeting.
    • Public Record Exemption. Building plans, blueprints and related records which depict the structural elements of 911, E911 or public safety radio communication system infrastructure owned or operated by an agency, are exempt from disclosure. Section 119.071(3)(e)1.a., F.S. Geographical maps indicating actual or proposed locations, including towers, antennae, equipment, and facilities are also exempt. Section 119.071(3)(e)1.b., F.S.
    • Public Meeting Exemption. While there is no general exemption from open meetings requirements that applies to all discussions relating to “security,” s. 281.301(1), F.S., provides an exemption for portions of meetings relating directly to or that would reveal the security or firesafety systems for any property owned by or leased to the state or any of its political subdivisions or for any privately owned or leased property which is in the possession of an agency. Similarly, s. 286.0113(1), F.S., states that the portion of a meeting that would reveal a security or firesafety system plan or portion thereof made confidential and exempt by s. 119.071(3)(a), F.S. (providing an exemption from the Public Records Act for a “security or firesafety system plan”) is exempt from open meetings requirements. See Inf. Op. to Sherman, July 2, 2018, noting that the phrasing of s. 286.0113(1), F.S., and the statement of legislative intent included in the session law show that the exemption applies to any portion of a meeting in which a record as defined in s. 119.071(3)(a) would be revealed.