Friends and neighbors:

Thank you very much for your support of our City’s efforts to recover from Hurricane Irma.  You made it a great holiday and winter season.  I can’t say enough for the physical, financial and moral support you gave to each other as we cleaned up and repaired our City.  You started with a great Christmas boat parade, cleaned up Sunset Park, making it safe to reopen, participated in many community activities and donated your hard-earned money to help us rebuild our parks.  I am truly honored to be your Mayor.  When I tell our representatives in Tallahassee what you do, they are amazed.  It makes my job asking for resources from the State extremely easy.   Your City Staff has been working hard navigating insurance claims, FEMA claims and state funding requests.  WE HAVE A GREAT KCB TEAM!

On April 4, I was invited by Senator Marco Rubio to a County sponsored roundtable discussion on recovery issues.  All my fellow Mayors voiced frustration with the lack of funding for the Keys.   Senator Rubio supported the legislation to fund the President’s disaster requests for Florida.   In his words, it is up to FEMA to “push the button and get us the money” and then the state needs to pass it on to us.  Your Administrator, Chris, and I will travel to Tallahassee in May to meet with cabinet officials to see what they can to do expedite FEMA money and award state grants for our projects. (FEMA money is obligated through the State for payment to municipalities and counties.)

While all of this is going on, we are progressing very well on the next phases of our sewer plant and stormwater system upgrades.   We should have three new stormwater wells completed on 12th Street in the next few months and we are processing sewage in our new tank.   The sewer plant upgrades should be complete by September.

Thank you,

John DeNeale