Dear Residents:

Ed Borysiewicz retired after 32 years of very hard work as our Building Official. Parting gifts were presented and a thank you dinner/reception was attended by many. Ed plans to stay in KCB and help where and when he can. THANK YOU, ED!!! We have made great strides in collecting Irma debris reimbursement grants from FEMA and the State. The last debris grant of over $1 million has been obligated by FEMA and is at the state to add it’s share and send to our account which should be in October. This will bring our cash reserves back up to a needed $2.5 million. Your Staff deserves a big thank you as we are ahead of our County partners.

Other grants we have obtained to date this Fiscal Year are:

FDAP Grant $ 50,000

Mayfield Grant 2019 $ 120,000

TDC Grant 2019 $ 36,000

Waste Water Grant $ 336,667

Stormwater Grant $ 100,000

Florida Legislative Grant $ 150,000

FEMA/FDEM – IRMA PAID -Fed Obligated $ 2,176,742 $ 307,664 -State Obligated $ 110,075 $ 18,710

On the City Hall front, we have interviewed two Architectural/Engineering firms, and both are very knowledgeable, creative and eager for our work. We have two local firms left, as scheduling issues necessitated delaying until the second week of October. Whatever firm we hire, will have time to submit FEMA’s required reports prior to their scheduled decision in December. This State Legislative cycle kicked off with a visit by Senator Flores and Representative Raschein in Marathon for county-wide input. I briefed our agenda, asking them to fight Vacation Rental law changes as Airbnb and VRBO push to have all vacation rentals regulated only by a State agency. Also, on our wish list is more funding for Sewer and Storm water under the Stewardship Act, money for RO expansion and defend home rule. Marathon Mayor Bartus said it best when he asked them to “do no harm.” We are presenting a legislative proposal to the Florida League of Mayors and Florida League of Cities to help defend our ability to regulate Vacation Rentals at the County and Municipal levels. I hope to brief them in November. Here is the link to the PowerPoint presentation that I presented to the Commission and will use in November. Our Sunset Park bathroom was completed in time for the many festivities scheduled in the park each winter season. The TDC grant that will pay for most of the project will be received in October. A plaque will be mounted to recognize the fantastic work of our Contractor, JRC Pro. Looking forward to our winter resident friends and neighbors returning for another fun season in KCB.

Thank you,

Mayor John DeNeale