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EOC Call for TS ETA – 9am – November 9, 2020

Eta was kind enough to pass to our east, putting us on the left side of the storm, greatly lessening our impacts.  Your Police and city staff did a great job preparing and keeping us safe throughout the night.  Please give them a big thank you.

We are opening canals at 12:00 PM today, but still be on the lookout for squally weather as the outer bands pass today.

I will update you following the 1130 EOC call this afternoon on facility openings and impacts around the Keys, but first, please see below from Police Chief Kris DiGiovanni:

“Good Morning,

All roads in KCB are passable, no obstructions. There are large puddles blocking the bike paths and on some of the streets. Clara and Sadowski intersection is not draining at this time. There are a few palm fronds in the road that we have been clearing. At this time (7:11 a.m.) in the dark, no destruction observed. No reports of homes flooding at this time. No additional police resources needed during the storm and no MRE’s consumed. No reported streets blocked in Marathon. Upper Keys currently has some roads blocked but they are working on them. It does not sound like US1 is blocked anywhere in the County. We had more streets flooded in the prior rainstorm than in Eta. 7th Street is clear and the retention pond is full. Sunset Park has a few palm fronds and small branches, no downed trees and undetermined beach erosion due to high tide, but it appears normal at this time. East Side Park seems o.k. The Entrance Park seems o.k. No reported power/cable outages in KCB. No reported sinking boats in KCB at this time. Stay safe”.

Thank you, John