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City Committees

One of Key Colony Beach’s many highlights is the 6 very active Boards/Committees made up of 42 volunteers! These Boards/Committees oversee many important tasks ranging from the impeccable grooming of our City’s landscaping to assisting in the establishment of our Land Development Regulations. These Boards/Committees consist of the Beautification Committee, Code Enforcement Board, Disaster Preparedness, Planning & Zoning Board, Recreation Committee, and Utility Board.

Join a Committee/Board:  Contact our City Clerk at or (305) 289-1212, Ext. 2

Committee Members

Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee is made up of 8 volunteers, who serve 2-year terms. This Committee’s main goals include promoting higher standards of landscape design; educating residents in the proper selection and care of trees; initiating and assisting in the implementation of programs of general community beautification; serving to enhance the appearance of the municipality and its surrounding area; preparing and maintaining an annual budget.

Greg Burke, Chair Sandy Bachman, Vice-Chair
Jo Corso Pam Geronemus
David McKeehan 1st  Alt, Vacant
2nd Alt, Vacant

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness is made up of 6 volunteers, who serve 1-year terms. This Committee provides a forum to share comments, issues, or concerns regarding public safety; encourages citizen participation and education regarding disaster preparedness; reviews and recommends changes to the City's Disaster Plan and City-wide evacuation plan.

Lenny Leggett, Chair Chief Kris DiGiovanni, Vice-Chair
Mike Guarino Dave Turner
1st Alt, Vacant 2nd Alt, Vacant

Planning & Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Board is made up of 7 volunteers, who serve 2-year terms.  This Board reviews and makes recommendations to the City Commission on variances; helps establish changes to the City's Land Development Regulations; reviews subdivision plats, site plans and related impact reports, later making a recommendation to the City Commission; serves as the local planning agency responsible for the development of the local comprehensive plan.

Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee is made up of 7 volunteers, who serve 2-year terms. This Committee reviews the upkeep, maintenance, and adequacy of the recreation facilities; proposes rules for use of the recreational facilities; arranges budget proposals on the upkeep, maintenance, and construction of the recreational facilities.

Barbara Tatarchuk, Vice-Chair
Judy Burget Richard Pflueger
Tom Alferes Cindy Catto
1st Alt Vacant 2nd Alt Vacant

Utility Board

The Utility Board is made up of 6 volunteers, who serve 1-year terms. The Utility Board oversees the Wastewater plant and the Stormwater activities for the City. The Wastewater plant is owned and operated by the City to support the needs of the residents. Oversight for meeting the environment requirements are reviewed monthly by the State of Florida. The Utility Board oversees the yearly budget, maintenance needs, and long-term capital needs for both areas of the City. The Board meets monthly to review business items that need to be addressed for both wastewater and stormwater. The Utility Board is governed by the City’s Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14 and Chapter 15, and acts as an advisory Board to the City Commissioners. Wastewater Income is collected fees from the residents and commercial accounts. Stormwater income is collected through yearly property assessment.


Dan Gleason, Chair Anthony Fernandes, Treasurer
Bill Fahs, Vice-Chair Donald Steamer
1st Alt, Vacant Edward Carey
2nd Alt, Vacant