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Floodplain management is a community-based effort in Key Colony Beach to prevent or reduce the risk of flooding, resulting in a more resilient community. Multiple groups with a stake in protecting our community from flooding carry out floodplain management functions including zoning, building codes, enforcement, and education.

While FEMA has minimum floodplain management standards for communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), adopting higher standards will lead to a safer, stronger and more resilient community.

The Division of Emergency Management serves as the State Coordinating Agency of the National Flood Insurance Program to work with Florida's municipalities and counties to administer their local flood damage reduction regulations. The State Floodplain Management Program promotes and ensures sound land use development in floodplain areas in order to promote the health and safety of the public, minimize loss of life and property, and reduce economic losses caused by flood damages.

Please review the links at left for more information about what Key Colony Beach is doing to lower your Flood Insurance rates and plan for a safer community.


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FEMA's Flood Insurance Page: 

02-23-2024 City Commission Townhall Meeting - Flood Plain Management Presentation

04-15-2024 City Commission Townhall Meeting - Vulnerability Assessment 

05-13-2024 City Commission Townhall Meeting - Vulnerability Assessment