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September is National Preparedness Month

What you should know about Hurricanes:

·        Know what to do before, during, and after a hurricane (Español)

·        Prepare before hurricane season starts. Pacific hurricane season starts May 15 and Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1.

·        Create an emergency communication plan with your family before a hurricane.

·        Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work and in the car.

·        Check your insurance coverage, damages caused by flooding are not covered under normal homeowner’s insurance policies.

·        Know your community’s evacuation plan , possible evacuation routes and how to sign up for local alerts.

·        Always follow the instructions from local officials. Evacuate if told to do so.

While hurricanes are our biggest threat, additional preparedness information can be found at

If you’re not aware, Monroe County has a mechanism in place for emergency notifications, called Alert Monroe. Alert Monroe is an Everbridge mass notification system used by Monroe County Emergency Management to share emergency notifications with residents quickly. Notifications can include severe weather, evacuation information, fires, and other emergencies, as well as general important routine County information and announcements. Messages are sent to residents on preferred primary and secondary contact paths – cell phone, SMS/texts, home phone, or email – to ensure real-time access to potentially lifesaving information. The notifications will transmit to thousands of residents within seconds.

Click link here to sign up: Alert Monroe

We strongly encourage all of our residents to sign up for Alert Monroe.

Another helpful resource to residents in case of a disaster is Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s Code Red Alert system. FKAA utilizes this program for emergency situations or water outages that affect a large amount of customers ONLY. You can sign up at under self-service.

You can find more information via this link: Code Red Alert System

In a state of emergency, more information will be posted on the City of Key Colony Beach Facebook page. If you haven’t yet, please follow the City on Facebook and make sure you are signed up for email communications from the City.