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Final COVID-19 Message

A note from Commissioner DeNeale:

Today, May 13, 2021, the KCB Commission, at the request of Mayor Ron Sutton, brought to a close the COVID 19 pandemic emergency orders.

I want to thank all of you for supporting your KCB Commission and me during my term as Mayor while we worked through this pandemic.  Your Commission and staff performed in a highly exemplary manner for more than year with the goals of keeping you safe and well informed.  The City stayed open to maintain a high level of service for our KCB residents, guests and businesses, at times with great risk to their safety.  Further, the State of Florida, Monroe County and the Municipalities in the Keys coordinated well above expectations to ensure your safety and that our hospitals and emergency staffs could keep up with the cases and protect life.  Many tough decisions were made with little information and only your safety in mind.  All of you gave me a great sense of pride in KCB by following our emergency orders and taking care of each other.

Take a second to thank our Police Officers, Building/Public Works and Administrative staff for their hard work, care and consideration they showed during the pandemic.  And don’t forget to thank Marathon Fire and EMS and Monroe County Sheriff deputies, our valued partners.

Please be mindful and courteous of others as they do their best to protect themselves and loved ones.  Continuing to social distance and wearing a mask when asked are respectful of your neighbors and very appreciated.

John DeNeale

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