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City Rules and Regulations

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Welcome to Key Colony Beach, the Gem of the Florida Keys. These rules are city ordinances or state statutes and will be strictly enforced. Violators will be fined and must come into immediate compliance. This document serves as formal notification of these regulations.

It shall be unlawful for any person to make or continue, or cause to be made or continued, any excessive, disturbing, unnecessary or unusually loud noise, or any noise which annoys, disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of other persons within the city. (This includes, but is not limited to, the discharge of fireworks. Sparklers are permitted.) Applies 24/7.  City Code 10-2,3 $250.00 per violation
The vacation rental maximum occupancy is 2 persons per bedroom, plus 2 in a living room, gross maximum 10, but also limited by square footage.  Each unit’s actual occupancy is listed on the business tax license and may not be exceeded.  City Code 9-20,25 $250.00 per day
Garbage must be in cans with lids on the cans, or in a heavy-ply refuse bag securely tied or sealed. Leaf debris may be put into cans (no more than 12 inches higher than the top of the can) or tied in 4-foot bundles. Garbage cans and leaf debris may be placed out for collection no earlier than noon the day before collection. Refuse bags not in cans may be placed out for collection no earlier than 4 pm on the day before collection. Garbage cans must be removed from street to the proper storage location no later than 24 hours after collection.  City Code Chapter 7. $50.00 per day
Littering is prohibited on land or into the water. This includes yard waste and cigarette butts. Discharging anything into the canals is strictly prohibited. Fish carcass disposal into canals shall be subject to the following: poke out the eyes; break the spine and gut the fish; ensure the fish carcass remains sunken and on the bottom of the canal as it decomposes; create no excessive accumulations of fish carcasses. City Code 5-7, 7-12 $250.00 per day
City Street Speed Limit 25 mph. City Code 17-1 Per Florida Statutes
The operation of an electric/motorized mobility device (such as scooters, hover boards, or skateboards) within the city is prohibited. Electric bicycles are permitted, but speed is limited to 10 mph in the multi-use/exercise path. These devices must yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians and give an audible signal before passing any pedestrian. Electric bicycles may operate up to 25 mph on the street.  City Code 17-1 $25.00 per violation
Animals at large are prohibited–all animals must be leashed. Maximum of 2 pets permitted. City Code 4-6,10 $100.00 per violation
Animals are not permitted to defecate on other than pet owner’s property without immediate removal of defecation. City Code 4-6,10 $50.00 per violation
Only one recreational vehicle, or boat, or utility trailer, or personal watercraft trailer, or other trailer may be parked within the property boundaries per dwelling unit. Owner of trailer must be owner/renter of property. City Code 5-80/6-59
(Temporary boat trailer parking MAY BE available in the designated area off 8th Street for a fee paid at City Hall.)
$100.00 per day
A vehicle or trailer parked on a vacant lot must be registered in the name of the owner of the vacant lot. All other parking on a vacant lot is prohibited. LDR 101-55(3) City Code 5-80 $100.00 per day
Boat trailers, motorhomes, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc., may not extend over or be parked on any city right-of-way, which is 20 ft. from the center line of the roadway. City Code 5-82/LDR101-55
Additional parking regulations apply to properties along Sadowski Causeway.
$100.00 per day
Every bicycle in use between sunset and sunrise shall be equipped with a white lamp on the front and a red lamp and reflector on the rear. F.S. 316.2065 (7). $64.50 per violation
 A bicycle rider or passenger under the age 16 years of age must wear a bicycle helmet. F.S. 316.2065(d) $64.50 per violation
No vehicles, motorhomes, trailers, or campers may be used as a residence even for one night. LDR 101-55(3) $100.00 per day
Parking prohibited on 1st through 5th Streets and East Ocean Drive except with property owner permission. City Code 17-6 $50.00 per day
Parking in the City right-of-way (between the street and the house) is restricted to the Property Owner, their invited guests and renters.  City Code 17-6 $50.00 per day
Parking in the City right-of-way (between the street and the house) on the East side of Coral Lane and the West side of 7th Street (no houses) is regulated by posted signs. City Code 17-6 $50.00 per day
No parking between midnight and 6:00 am on City-owned parking areas, except Sunset Park (parking is prohibited from sunset to sunrise), and the Post Office parking lot for the limited purpose of continuous access to the City's post office (see Sec. 17-7 for additional regulations).  City Code 17-6 $50.00 per day
Parking is prohibited in all areas marked "No Parking."  City Code 17-6 $50.00 per day
No parking on any street of Key Colony Beach, except as provided by F.S. Ch. 316. All parked vehicles must face the proper direction of travel.  City Code 17-6 $50.00 per day
No parking in the multi-use exercise path.  City Code 17-6 $50.00 per day
Living aboard a vessel is prohibited even for one night. City Code 5-15 $250.00 per day
Rafting of vessels prohibited. City Code 5-6 $250.00 per day
All watercraft must operate at IDLE SPEED/NO WAKE landward of the buoys located off the Atlantic Ocean and Vaca Cut shorelines and within all Key Colony Beach waterways. City Code 5-1 $250.00 per violation
The overall boat length of any boat may not exceed the waterfront property lines available with the house. Overall boat length of a boat includes outboard motor in the tilt up position and pulpit and anchor. City Code 5-40 $200.00 per day
Diving and snorkeling are prohibited 4 days prior to opening of mini-season until 10 days after opening of commercial season in navigable canals, marinas and within 300 feet of shoreline. City Code 5-11 $250.00 per violation

Please click here for a PDF of this document and the Renter Information Section that must be kept in the rental unit and available for inspection upon request of the Code Enforcement and/or Police Departments of the City of Key Colony Beach.  City Code 9-26