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Endangered Species Habitats (FEMA List)

Endangered Species Addresses-1In  1990,  the  National  Wildlife  Federation  (NWF)  and  the  Defenders  of  Wildlife  (DOW)  filed  suit against the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) claiming that FEMA, while administering the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in the Keys, was not consulting with the U.S.  Fish  and  Wildlife

Service  (FWS)  as  required  by  the  Endangered  Species  Act.  In  2005, the court  entered  an  injunction that  prohibited  FEMA  from  issuing  flood  insurance  on  over  50,000 parcels of land in Monroe County (for information on the FEMA injunction, please visit:  

On April 30, 2010 the FWS issued a Biological Opinion (BO), amended on December 3, 2010, that settled  the  lawsuit  between  NWF/DOW  and  FEMA.  This  BO  and  settlement  between  the  parties, requires Monroe  County to adopt an ordinance that implements a “Permit Referral  Process” for review of

all development that occurs within areas designated as “Species Focus Areas (SFAs)” or “Species Buffer Areas (SBAs)”

The  Permit  Referral  Process  is  a  new  layer  of  review  for properties  located  within  the  SFAs  or  SBAs, which  are  being  proposed  for  development,  to ensure compliance with the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA).  Property owners are already required to comply with the ESA. The Permit Referral Process is a streamlined method to ensure compliance with the federal law.

Please visit to review a copy of the ORDINANCE.

What are the Species Focus Areas (SFAs)” or “Species Buffer Areas (SBAs)”?

Key Colony Beach Parcel in the Species Focus Area or Species Buffer Areas:

Endangered Species Address List

The  “Species  Focus  Areas  (SFAs)”  or  “Species  Buffer  Areas  (SBAs)”  are  areas  of  potentially suitable habitat for nine federally protected species including:

Eastern Indigo Snake

Stock Island Tree Snail

Key Deer

Keys Tree Cactus

Silver Rice Rat

Silver Rice Rat Critical Habitat

Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit

Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly

Key Largo Woodrat and Cotton Mouse

View the June 2012 BOCC Species Focus Area - Map Vol 1 (includes Key Colony Beach)