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The City of Key Colony Beach does not prepare elevation certificates. Elevation Certificates are prepared by licensed surveyors, professional engineers, or certified architects and submitted to the City as a requirement of the building permit process. Please see below to find a list of properties within the City that have Elevation Certificates available.

If you live in the City of Key Colony Beachplease contact the Building Department for flood map information.

Where to Get an Elevation Certificate:

  • Request a copy from the Building Department. The Building Department is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. You may also reach them by calling (305) 289-1212, Ext. 3.

  • Ask the sellers. When buying a property, ask the sellers to give you their elevation certificate.

  • Ask the developer or builder. In a high-risk area, the developer or builder might have been required to get an elevation certificate at the time of construction. You can also request one as part of the survey that is done when you build or purchase a house.

  • Hire a licensed land surveyor, professional engineer, or certified architect who is authorized by law to certify elevation information. For a fee, these professionals can complete an elevation certificate for you. Check the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website   to find surveyors with active licenses and view any complaints that have been filed against them (search for Monroe County and LS-Surveyor and mapper).